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Built for Clients customers

The backbone of each site comes from you, the site is built around the message you want to deliver. I work with everyone of my clients to create a content driven website design. One that communicates Trust and Authority from your brand, and answers the questions your customers will have.

Nick Clement, freelance web designer



Northern Breeze Painting

A Real Service Website. In Real Life. Really.

Northern Breeze is a full service interior and exterior painting service in the Muskoka region. Operated by Corey Bristoll and Jake McIntyre. They provide free estimates for all projects. Give their site a browse to see the dynamic layout, subtle animations and custom embedded booking features. Designed for low cognitive load for the user with UX best practices.



Basilico Sociale

A modern Italian gastro pub, not in Italy.

Like stepping into a pizzeria in the hearth of Naples. This restaurant that totally doesn't exist in real life, but some may wish it did, offers fresh over baked pizza's and a great selection of craft beer as its staple. Don't forget to try their fictional charcuterie boards.


Modern Agency

Galleria Lumnia

Actually explore a gallery.

This is a dynamic gallery. Showing off the use of modern CSS design to create a user exploration experience. This type of design can be used for products, restaurants, or agencies.



Royal Muskoka Painting

Muskoka's Premier Painting Company

Muskoka’s premier interior/exterior painting company. We pride ourselves on providing top quality painting and finishing services and our team shares a vision rooted in delivering an admirable contracting experience to our clients. With Royal Muskoka, Corey and Bryson aim to be Muskoka's premier painting company through admirable workmanship, and an emphasis on client care.



The 905 Fund

The 905 Fund, Supporting Local Businesses

The 905 Fund is a fund to support small businesses in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. This site was purpose built for a clear and simple user experience. The site has multiple backend features, such as a CMS system to quickly add in new businesses being funded and to make updates to their growing team. Dynamic and custom built animations through-out. Check them out and feel free to leave a small donation if you can.



Journi Sites

Virtual store fronts. For a high quality, touch-less experience.

Journi Sites. Journi Stores are virtual portals, for your customer to explore your actual store digitally. Think of Google Street view, but for your store, and you can interact with the products. Not just some warped image walk though. All Journi Stores are created completely custom, with professional photography included to express your brand. Enhance or create an online store with a Journi Store by clicking "View Project" to contact me.



Vita Consulting

Business Consulting Firm

At Vita Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and professional consulting experience for each business we get the pleasure of working with. We provide expertise, skill development and an impartial view to assist in solving an organization’s management and business problems. We value the relationship we get to build with each organization and aim to become trusted partners as we help them to achieve their goals and overall business strategy.



ReModd Renovations

Renovations & Remodeling

We are not your fly-by-night contractor you found through Kijiji for a quick fix. We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving you and bringing your vision to life. Nothing we do is “half-done” or “the best we could do.” Every project we take on is first established with proper timelines and expectations for every client. Excellence is in our DNA and we are committed to making your project a success.

Our Process

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Initial Research

This is the time for us to breakdown your vision and the vision of your customers needs. From this I will build a content strategy, this will be the backbone of the site as it is built.



From the content strategy I will be able to build wireframes. These wireframes will be the visual aspect of your site. We will work closely to create a site that is on brand and to your liking.


High Fidelity

This is where we start to add the muscles to the skeleton. In this phase we will be meshing all the content, wireframes, and deeper features to the build such as animations. It LIVES!



The refinement phase is where we test, touch up and tweak the build of your site. It is very important that it will work on all devices and look great. Testing will take place on a full suite of devices.

Client Stories

"Nick went above and beyond for my new website. The process from start to finish was seamless. He was very communicative throughout the entire process to ensure my needs and expectations were surpassed.  I would highly recommend any business big or small to use Nicks services."

What are clients saying?

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Nick on our website design and construction. He gave insight on what goes into building a powerful website and was very patient throughout the entire process. Very pleased and would recommend working with Nick to anyone seeking professional results and an exceptional client experience."

What are clients saying?

"Nick was extremely professional in his approach to helping us build a website. He stepped back and took an understanding to our sales funnel before implementing a world class “if I were in this persons shoes” strategy. This allowed every touch point of our online business to be seamless and incredibly end user friendly. Thank you for being so easy to work with Nick!"

What are clients saying?

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What are clients saying?

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