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-The T-Birds & The Pink Ladies (Grease 1978)
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Copy and content is often overlooked before building a website. Think of a website as the foundation, walls and roof of a home, and the content and copy writing as the paint, furniture and landscaping to that home. Regardless of where you are at, I can help you to build this out.

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High quality images are just as important as well versed words. Origin Web Design has photography partners & graphic designers that work in a wide range of regions if you need help with this, we've got it covered. Also, the power of a modern smartphone camera can not be understated, so don't sweat.

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Providing as much detail as possible helps me meet your where you are at. That is the goal. If I am ever going to buil you your website, it will be YOUR website. In order to do that I will be searching to understand you, your craft and your customers to a very deep point.

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